MIMRA is the guise of Icelandic singer, composer and electro-pop artist María Magnúsdóttir. MIMRA’s music is an eclectic sort of electro-acoustic folk pop, at times hauntingly soft and beautiful, at times rising like a North Sea wave and breaking into powerful rhythms.


MIMRA, who formerly performed with a small orchestra, recently launched her solo performance on stage. She brilliantly sings along electronic beats and soothing synths, masterfully using loop pedals and keyboard to her aid with extravagant results.


MIMRA is currently based in Reykjavík, Iceland. This last year she lived in the UK where she studied Masters in Popular Music at Goldsmiths University of London, a programme known for its alumni James Blake, Rosie Lowe, Katy B and FEMME. In London she recorded and produced MIMRA’s debut album, planned for release in 2017. Before Goldsmiths she studied at The Royal Conservatoire of The Hague, The Netherlands, from where she graduated BMus with distinction in June 2015, focusing on jazz vocals and composition. She has taken part in all sorts of musical collaborations threading a path from soul and jazz towards electronic opera and most things in between. Besides her solo project she is one half of electro-pop duo Early Late Twenties who released their debut EP in April 2015. MIMRA also produces music for film and media, writes for choirs and regularly performs live shows in Iceland, The Netherlands and the UK.

Contact: mimramusic@gmail.com

“MIMRA ambitiously sows numerous genres and sounds together to great effect, expertly manoeuvring between delicate sparseness and powerful vivacity. Her vocals are astounding, both in terms of range and dexterity, and function as the glue which unifies the eclecticism of her music. The passion and strength of MIMRA’s voice simply cannot be ignored and aligns her with the best of them.”
– Alex Woolaver, 2016 –

“As MIMRA started to play the outside noise was immediately forgotten. Her ‘orchestrated pop’ creates a harmonious dream world. The sound of strings becomes a deep and comforting contrast to the hope and light steaming through MIMRA’s voice. Absolutely beautiful!”
– L.L. for 3voor12, HPC Winterfest 2014 –