I’m psyched to share with you my first music video. One-take reverse video shot and produced by Andvari Productions. I co-produced the song with the amazing artist and producer SAKIMA and Skonrokk Studios mastered.  Here it is: Play With Fire!

Happy new year everyone!!  Last year I dedicated to recording and producing of my upcoming album, as well as setting up my solo performance setup. I released my first track – Söngur Valkyrjunnar – which got picked up and shared by some amazing music blogs such as Electronic North, Testspiel.de, Omnii, beehype, Wolf in a suit, djolo.net, SKE, Tónlistinn, albumm.is, The Revue and Born Music Online. Thank you! I’m very excited to start 2017! It’s going to be a great music year as I’ll be releasing some new tracks soon. Love to you all! xxx

I’m super excited to announce that my first single: ‘Söngur Valkyrjunnar’ or ‘Valkyrie Song’ is officially out! It is available for free download on my soundcloud site as well as for streaming through all major services. Lots of love! x MIMRA

The song is glacial cool, smothering your soul in a decadent wave of synths and Magnúsdóttir’s enchanting vocals. It is also cinematic, starting off softy with its minimalist arrangements and then patiently building to its climax. Close your eyes as you hear the song, and imagine the Valkyrie emerging from the horizon to meet her enemies. So devastatingly beautiful is “Söngur Valkyrjunnar” that it should be used on a future episode of Vikings as Lagertha seeks her revenge.
– Ben Yung for The Revue, 2016 –

One of the highlights of MIMRA’s forthcoming album is undoubtedly “Söngur Valkyrjunnar”; a semi-mythic tale sang in Icelandic whose minimalistic arrangement builds to a poignant climax. MIMRA’s voice shines all the way through, sounding fragile and powerful at the same time.
– Thodoris Bungle, 2016 –

Hi everyone. These are my upcoming shows @IcelandAirwaves this year:


MIMRA appeared on CroydonRadio IceStation UK, in July 31st – Listen to the Podcast here – MIMRA live session and interview begin on 0:15:09